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1965 Empire Magazine

In 1965 Empire Magazine (Denver Post Insert) ran an interview article about Estes Industries.  Described are activities at the time and some early history of the company.  The company was growing rapidly, had about 55 employees and was selling 5,000 rocket engines per day.  Some interesting inside information is presented.  

LAUNCH Magazine - Bill Simon Interview

Bill Simon came to work for Estes Industries in June  of 1962 and played an instrumental role in the growth and development of the company.  Some of his duties included writing and printing the Model Rocket News, new product design (all of those great and wonderful rocket designs and kits of the 60'and early 70's) and Vice-President of the company.  I relied heavily on Bill and credit him with much of the success of the company.  I think you will enjoy this Rocket Man interview by the editor of LAUNCH, Mark Mayfield. 

Air & Space Magazine

Mr. Estes Comes to Washington is an article published in Air & Space magazine in 2000,   authored by Dr. Robert A. Craddock, who has been a long time model rocketeer and collector.  During Vern and Gleda's visit, Bob showed us his office filled with lots of beautifully built Estes and Centuri models, then took us through the Garber Facility where all of the Smithsonian's model rocket artifacts are stored.  Several years ago Bob interviewed G. Harry Stine, Lee and Betty Piester, Gleda and me along with others as resource material for a book he is writing on the history of model rocketry.   

LAUNCH Magazine --  Vern & Gleda Interview

LAUNCH Magazine.  This article titled "Space Age Legends" is something  you will not want to miss.    Click here to review/save the 12 page LAUNCH Magazine (Mark Mayfield) interview article with Vern and Gleda.   Learn how we  began, what we were doing and the way we were interacting with those wonderful rocketeers we called our customers.    Learn about those early Estes catalogs that can now sell for hundreds of dollars on ebay...  and much, much more.   (Magazine cover is included with article)

Sport Rocketry Magazine - 3 Part Interview

Sport Rocketry, the official publication of the National Association of Rocketry, published a series of interview articles with Vern and Gleda Estes in early 2007.  The three articles by editor, Tom Beach, covers the early years of the company as well as some personal backgrounds, how Mabel came about and information on the many other aspect of Estes Industries.  If you were a rocketeer back in those "Golden Days", or even now, you won't want to miss reading these articles.  See listings below to review or download each article.   (Articles also (now) include the magazine cover of the specific issue.)

The Golden Days of Model Rocketry - Sport Rocketry - Part One   

The Early Years.  Part One covers some of the growing up years of Vern and Gleda, Vern's construction business prior to getting into model rocketry, Stine's contact about Model Missiles need for motors, founding of Estes Industries in Denver, move to Penrose and site layout (aerial photo) at the time the company was sold to Damon in 1969.  Click Part One to review/save article.

The Golden Days of Model Rocketry - Sport Rocketry - Part Two

All about Mabel.    Part Two tells about Mabel, the Rube Goldberg machine (as Harry called it) to make model rocket engines.  Includes pictures and details of how Mabel was built, how she got her name, production capability, dangers involved in the operation, early operators, use of the term "engine" vs. "motor" and how this was decided, motor production for Centuri and a lot more.  Click Part Two to review/save article.

The Golden Days of Model Rocketry - Sport Rocketry - Part Three

Who, What, When, Were. Part Three covers a lot of details about who was working at the company, what they were doing, when it was happening and where.  What type of effort and people were involved in making the company a success, problems we had, our visitor program, the relationship we had with our customers, some details on the mail order operations, the sale to Damon, etc. Click Part Three to review/save article.

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