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Click images/NARAM Auction.pdf to view items sold at the NARAM-50 Auction by Vern & Gleda.  This auction, named in honor of Robert L. Cannon, long time Educational Director at Estes Industries, provides funds for the NAR's Education Program.  The program provides funding to teachers to assist them with their rocket related youth programs.  (Bob died of Cancer several years ago.) He was an outstanding educator and important part of the successful Estes program. Similar historic type items will be offered at future NARAM auctions.

1961 Estes Industries Video 

When Estes Industries was still in Denver, Mabel Operator John Schutz, using his 8mm camera, filmed me operating Mabel .  Later, when we were moving to Penrose John documented the event by filming the move, the start of construction in Penrose and some early tests I did to turn his original glider into a kit, the Astron Space Plane.  His 8mm file has been converted to digital format and I have added some still photos and commentary to give a more complete picture of events transpiring at the time.  Although the video is not as good as I would like (especially when showing the Mabel operations) it is the only one that exists and I am pleased to make this 3:52 minute video available to my many rocketeer friends.  Just click below to play this interesting video.  

              More about Mabel                  The video shows me operating  Mabel way back in 1961 while we were still in Denver.   Mabel was capable of kicking out a completed model rocket engine every 5-1/2 seconds. The operation began with an engine casing tube being loaded onto a rotating table (arm seen moving up and down is picking up tubes from  tube hopper).  The table then advances through multiple stations where the nozzle, propellant, delay and ejection components are added.  A paper end cap is then cut from a roll of heavy paper tape and inserted to retain the loose ejection charge.  The completed engine is then ejected from the table, sent through the printer and dropped into the finished engine box below.   (Photo above is Vern working on Mabel as she nears completion in late 1958)



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